The housing market in the Greater Toronto Area is booming. Prices are going higher and higher each week. If you are buying a property that you are looking to improve, or if you are staying in your current residence but need an upgrade, call us to see how we can help you improve it and stay safe. Your property is the biggest investment that you have. We can make it safer, more enjoyable and more valuable.

If the property has not been rewired in the last 20-25 years, chances are that it will need some kind of upgrading, even if minor, to keep up with the standards.

Many purchases are of homes built more than 50 years ago. Individual home electrical use has increased by more than 400% in that timespan. While it may seem like the system is adequate, can it safely handle the load of your expensive TV, computers & appliances?

If you are extending your home, converting a space or renovating an existing space, new wiring will have to conform to the Electrical Safety Standards and this may mean upgrading existing wiring. The wiring and panel needs to be able to carry the additional loads safely.

Whether it is a large project or a small one, we will get it done right and do a high quality job for all your electrical needs.